Elm Creek Facilities

M & M Feeders - Elm Creek and Lexington, NE

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Elm Creek Facilities

    We use the latest in loading and receiving equipment in moving your cattle. We treat your cattle like family!

    Our Feedingyard layout and pen placement provides excellent drainage. The yard is situated atop a gentle rolling hill that allows water to run off naturally, to our catch pond, and thus, ensures a drier, more stable surface.

    M & M Feeders prides itself on the quality feed produced at our facility in the heart of "corn country". Our 24 inch diameter roller mill produces the finest flaked corn available. Our computerized feed mixing equipment and technology guarantees a consistent ration that produces constant results for your Pens at Elm Creek facilitycattle.


    Our heavy corn feed mix (92% corn) properly flaked with our large roller, and supplemented with our special equipment produces a constant, similar feed that produces constant results.

    We use new equipment for proper mixing and distributing feed in a fast, efficient manner.

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M & M Feeders

P.O. Box 269
6485 85 Road
Elm Creek, NE  68836
Fax: 1-308-856-0089


75239 Road 429
Lexington, NE 68850
Ph: 1-308-324-4444

We treat your cattle like family!

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